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So, What Is ​Term Life Insurance?

As we like to say, "In Plain English," term life insurance is simply, protection against the loss of life over a specific period of time.  Term life insurance is also going to be the most affordable type of life insurance that you can purchase and the most simple.​You can choose coverage options from 2 years all the way up to 30 years and coverage amounts from $50,000 up to $25,000,000+

How much life insurance do you need?

Most insurance companies allow you to purchase up to 30x your annual income, but we recommend that you have at the least 10x your annual income in life insurance.

So if you make $50,000 / year, a policy for $500,000 would be our suggestion.Just remember to buy life insurance that you can afford.

If the life insurance premium of 10x your annual income is too expensive for you, go down to 5x your income, just make sure you can cover your beneficiaries life insurance needs.

When you are looking at any of our term life insurance quotes you can always start off with the lowest term length for the maximum amount of coverage.

​The Biggest Myth About The Cost Of Life Insurance

The biggest myth about life insurance cost is that it's too expensive.  

A recent study from LIMRA found that 63% of people said they wouldn't get life insurance coverage because of its cost.

​However, the same study found that ​life insurance policy quotes are 80% LESS than what people thought they were.

Didn't think you could get cheap life insurance? Guess Again!

What Type Of Term Life Quotes Do You Offer?

Simply Insurance offers a wide variety of affordable term life quotes online through our comparison tool.

2 Year Term
5 Year Term
10 Year Term 

​15 Year Term
20 Year Term
30 Year Term

How Does ​Term Life Insurance Work?

Term Life Insurance is one of the most straight forward products when it comes to life insurance overall. We created a complete guide that explains how term life insurance works; however, Like any insurance product your policy will have:​​

  • ​Monthly Premiums - your monthly payments for the policy
  • ​A Death Benefit - The amount of coverage that will pay out  upon the death of the insured
  • ​The Insured - The person the insurance policy is being placed on.
  • Beneficiary - The person the insurance policy's death benefit will pay out to.
  • Owner - the person who makes all of the decisions & changes to the policy
  • Payor - The person responsible for paying the monthly premiums
  • ​Riders - Additional Options You Can Purchase With The Policy for example: (Child Rider or Return Of Premium)
term life insurance quotes

Along with being the most affordable type of life insurance product on the market, these products either end or have to be renewed when the term is up, so you probably want to purchase them early on for maximum savings.

Like with any type of insurance, the younger you are when you purchase it the lower the monthly premiums will be and you might even want to consider a no exam life insurance policy because you can get approved much faster.

A term life insurance policy is going to cover you for any type of death.  This is also known as an all cause death benefit. 

​Best Term Life Insurance Rates By Age

If you are looking for the best term life insurance rates based on your current age then check out some of our quick life insurance quote sample premium rates below: 

Best term life insurance rates for women






25 Years Old





30 Years Old





35 Years Old





40 Years Old





​45 Years Old





50 Years Old





​55 Years Old





​60 Years Old





*Rates are based on a non-tobacco female with a preferred health rating looking for a 20 Year Term. 

Best term life insurance rates for Men






25 Years Old





30 Years Old





35 Years Old





40 Years Old





​45 Years Old





50 Years Old





55 Years Old





60 Years Old





*Rates are based on a non-tobacco male with a preferred health rating looking for a 20 Year Term. 

​Term Life Insurance Quotes Or Whole Life Insurance Quotes

There are two types of life insurance, term life, and whole life (also known as permanent life insurance). From our experience, whole life insurance quotes will always be more expensive than term life insurance quotes.

We even reached out to over 40 finance experts about this term vs whole issue, and it turns out that over 80% of them would choose a term life policy over a whole life policy. Their decisions seemed to be mainly tied to the more affordable term life insurance premiums as well as the ability to get an online term life insurance policy.

Below are real life examples of the premium differences between the two products:

Term Life Insurance

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Health Rate: Preferred 

Smoker: No 

Length of Coverage: 30 Years 

Coverage Amount: $250,000 

Monthly Life Insurance Rate:  $21.63

Plan Rates and Options Provided by Havenlife.com 

Whole Life Insurance

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Health Rate: Preferred 

Smoker: No 

Length of Coverage: For Life

Coverage Amount: $250,000 

Monthly Life Insurance Rate:  $145.00

Plan Rates and Insurance Option Provided by Principal Life

Simply Insurance recommends a term life insurance quote for most of our shoppers over any whole life insurance or universal life insurance products. 

Compare life insurance costs to other monthly expenses; it's super affordable

Did you think we wouldn't call you out on your spending habits?

Monthly Cost

Buying Shoes


Daily Starbucks Venti Caffe Latte


Cell Phone Bill 


Wine Clubs


Term Life Insurance


*Life Insurance Rates are Based on a 30 Year $250,000 Term Policy for a 30 Year Old Male

Student Loans & Life Insurance Basics

What happens if you pass away from an accidental death while your parents have co-signed your student loan?

Well they are still responsible for the debt along with covering the cost of your funeral. 

No one wants to think about their death; however, if your parent is covering the cost of school, or a loan, protecting yourself with life insurance is essential.

Since you are younger and have few health conditions and find it easier for your parents to cover you.

You can even get covered without a medical exam and no need for a checking account or savings account.

There is no need for a term life insurance calculator to figure out the amount of coverage you would need either.

You should be able to go based on how much tuition money you will borrow over the amount of time in school. 

Level Term For A Business ​Loan

Unlike personal loans, some business loans will require that you take out a life insurance policy to secure the loan in-case of your unexpected death.

This process is known as the collateral assignment of life insurance and allows the lender of a loan to be named as the primary beneficiary of a loan.

It is best to figure out if this option is available during the quoting process or when speaking with an insurance agent.

Some insurance companies even offer a mobile app and insurance resources to help you figure out if this type of coverage is for you.

Why go through the whole process if the insurance company doesn't offer the benefit. 

We have products that offer this benefit and you can reach out to us either online or call us at our toll free number above.

Will Buying Life Insurance Affect My Credit Score?

The quick answer to this will be, probably not, usually a life insurance company doesn't check to see if you have good credit or bad credit, before issuing or approving a life insurance policy.

There are however, some types of insurance that might check out you credit to determine if you are eligible for coverage like: 

  • motorcycle insurance
  • renters insurance
  • flood insurance
  • auto insurance
  • business insurance

The above policies may also offer insurance discounts if you already have coverage with them for another line of coverage.

For other types of coverage like health insurance or pet insurance you probably won't see anyone requesting credit information either. 

When it comes to getting life insurance you don't have to worry about it affecting your ability to apply for new rewards cards. 

What does term life insurance cover?

A term life insurance payout is another form of a lump sum payment, once it's paid out to your beneficiary they can use it to pay for anything.

Here is a list of a few things you can do with a life insurance payout:

  • ​Pay Off Your Mortgage
  • ​Get rid of your car note
  • ​Clear credit card debt
  • ​Cover Kids College Expenses
  • ​Pay taxes
  • ​Pay Daily Living Expenses
  • ​Use As Income Replacement
  • ​Invest (Here is 30+ Ways To Invest)
  • ​Cover Child Care Expenses
  • ​Pay final expenses of the insured

​Can I get term life insurance online?

If you are looking to shop term life insurance online, then you have come to the right place. 

We have made it easy to apply for life insurance online with some of the most technologically innovative companies in the nation.

Our carriers make buying life insurance online incredibly easy and affordable with instant term life quotes and immediate decisions.

Don't be shy, use our term life insurance quote engine today to get covered with our A rated Carriers through AM Best without ​agents calling you.

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