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​So, What Is ​Accidental Death Insurance?

"In Plain English," ​Accidental Death Insurance is simply protection
against the loss of​ 
life caused by an accident.

What Does ​Accidental Death Insurance Cover?

​Should the unexpected occur, an accidental death policy will cover any death caused by an accident which includes things like:

  • ​Car Crashes
  • ​Fire
  • ​Bike Crashes
  • Fire
  • ​Commercial Air Crashes
  • ​Murder
  • ​Accidental Slips & Falls

​If you:

  • ​Are A Frequent Traveler
  • ​Work In Or Around Hazardous Structures And Environments
  • ​Drive Lyft Or Uber For A Living
  • ​Work With Heavy Equipment Like A Forklift

​An accidental death insurance policy may help provide the financial support for those you leave behind if something were to happen.

Illness-related causes such as heart attacks or cancer are not covered, for a full list of causes that are Not covered, check out this great resource.

How Does Accidental Death Insurance Work?

​Accidental death insurance is one of the most straight forward products when it comes to life insurance.  You still have the same structure as a normal life insurance policy like:

  • ​Monthly Premiums - your monthly payments for the policy
  • ​A Death Benefit - The amount of coverage that will pay out  upon the death of the insured
  • ​The Insured - The person the insurance policy is being placed on.
  • Beneficiary - The person the insurance policy's death benefit will pay out to.
  • Owner - the person who makes all of the decisions & changes to the policy
  • Payor - The person responsible for paying the monthly premiums

​Along with being the most affordable type of life insurance product on the market, these products usually end at around the age of 60 to 65 so you probably want to purchase them early on.

Like with any type of insurance, the younger you are when you purchase it the lower the monthly premiums will be.

An accidental death insurance policy is going to cover you for any type of death associated with an accident.

​There isn't any type of contestability period associated with these policies, once your death is ruled an accident, the Death benefit will be paid out to your Beneficiary.

​Sample Accidental Death Insurance Rates

Our plan has only 3 different price options: 





​25 - 50 Years Old




​As you can see, the rates for accidental death insurance are much more affordable than any type of life insurance mainly because it will only cover you if you die from an accident.

​Is Accidental Death Insurance Worth It? 

​On average, most homeowners insurance policies
are for around $100,000 and on a mortgaged home
they usually cover how much you paid for the home.

Then, depending on your policy, some things might
have to have a separate policy like coverage jewelry or weapons as well as Liability.

While others, will cover multiple items in one policy.

The amount of homeowners insurance that you will
need is going to depend on a few factors that you

probably haven't thought about. This includes
things like:

  • ​The Cost To Rebuild Your Home
  • ​The Cost Refurnish Your Entire Home
  • ​The Cost Of Your Home Office Equipment
  • ​Anything Of Exceptional Value (Like Art).

​When you are deciding on how much home owners
insurance you need, it's best to act like a detective.

​Figure out what everything will cost you, determine
if you have specific risks like an exotic pet.

Along with the other factors above come up with a
number and if you can afford it, double the amount
of coverage, if not, you still have a great starting

How much accidental death life insurance do you need?

Most insurance companies allow you to purchase up to 30x your annual income, but we tend to recommend that you have at the least 10x your annual income in life insurance.

So if you make $50,000 / year, a policy for $500,000 would be our suggestion.  

​Is Accidental Death Insurance Worth It?

In order to answer this question properly, I think we must first look at some of the statistics around an accidental death insurance policy:

  • ​One American dies every 4 minutes as the result of an accident
  • ​Accidents are the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • ​Motor vehicle accidents cause a death every 15 minutes
  • Accidents claim the lives of 15 Americans about every hour

​If you're between the ages of 25-34, you are almost 5 times more likely to pass away from an accident than from cancer.

As a matter of fact, from the ages of 25-44, accidental death is your single greatest risk.

We can gets you covered in minutes, not weeks, with plans starting at just $6/mo.

Now, along with the fact that accidental death insurance is super cheap and has no underwriting attached to it, I think its a great policy to have and it is 100% worth it.

If you have been unable to get traditional life insurance due to your health or just want additional protection, then buying an accidental death insurance policy is a no-brainer.

​accidental death Insurance vs life insurance

The first question you probably had was, is accidental death insurance the same as life insurance?

The biggest difference is that traditional life insurance comes with what is called an "All Cause Death Benefit" attached to it.

This "All Cause" benefit means that the policy will pay out for death caused by an accident, chronic or critical illness, and terminal illness.

With Traditional Insurance you are basically covered for any type of death, even suicide after the policy specific waiting period.

With Accidental Death Insurance, you are only covered if your death is caused by an accident.No other cause of death is covered, check out our chart below:  

Traditional Life Insurance

Accidental Death Insurance

Death Caused By Accidental Death

Death Caused By A Critical Illness

Death Caused By A Terminal Illness

Death Caused By A Chronic Illness

Death Caused By Suicide

​Now here's the thing:

Don't be alarmed, the policy is called an Accidental Death policy, so that is all that you really need it to do, cover you for an unexpected accidental death.

If you need a policy to cover more than that, then you should check out our term life insurance quotes here.

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